Fillings And Sealants

Preserve your oral health with dental fillings and sealants

Preserve your oral health with dental fillings and sealants in Chicago, IL

While many people prefer to avoid fillings once they know they have a cavity, the results can be a painful infection that requires advanced dental procedures to address. The dental team at Wicker Park Dental Group offers cavity fillings and dental sealants to remove decay and prevent future issues, all at an affordable rate.

Cavity treatment

Most cavities are preventable by maintaining proper oral hygiene and routine visits to the dentist. Still, it can be hard to reach all the parts of your teeth to clean, and some people are more susceptible to decay than others. Some patients may require more frequent dental checkups to prevent cavities from forming between visits. This will allow the hygiene team to address plaque and tartar buildup more often and reduce your risk of decay.

If we do spot a cavity, it is crucial to treat it immediately. Once it progresses all the way through the enamel, the dental pulp is destroyed at a faster rate, and you may need a root canal or tooth extraction. No one wants metal to take the natural sheen out of their smile. Your dentist can place composite resin tooth fillings for a natural-looking restoration to a cavity on your front tooth. The process can take as little as twenty minutes, and the result is a healthier smile.

Prevention with Dental Sealants

Treating cavities is just the first step to getting your oral health on track. Once the tooth decay is cleared, preventive measures can help ensure you do not need to sit through another filling anytime soon. Our dentist recommends dental sealants for children and adults to prevent further tooth decay. The dental sealant is painted onto the chewing surface of your molars, and anywhere else you may need extra protection, and it can seal out the cavity-forming bacteria for up to 5 years.

If it has been a while since your last trip to the dentist, do not delay in making your oral health a priority. Pathogenic bacteria in your mouth can stress out your immune system as well as spread to other parts of your body. Poor oral health has been linked to many chronic conditions, including heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Contact our office in Chicago, IL, today at (773) 276-5566 to set up your appointment.

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Ryan M
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I went in yesterday due to cavity pain on one of my molars, I was very scared due to Covid-19 and just going to the dentist in general but knew the pain was only going to get worse if I didn't take care of it soon. I ended up needing a temporary crown and will be back in 2 weeks for my permanent crown and some other work. From start to finish everyone in the office made me feel very relaxed, welcomed, and safe. They seem to be taking every precaution for Covid-19 and included a symptom questionnaire before the visit as well as a temperature check prior to being checked in for the appointment. Doctor wore a mask the whole time as well as directed me on when to take mine off and on for his safety. The office was very clean and without dental insurance they clearly laid out my payment options. I'm glad I chose their office during this time and look forward to getting my dental health on track.
Michael C
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Visited due to my dentist not being open after 2pm(???...) so had an emergency and called them up. They took me in within 30 minutes of calling and started the process for a root canal. Came the next day and got second of 3 phases done. One thing, they are open late. Second, the staff is extremely nice and helpful as well as understanding with insurance concerns. The Dr. and assistant were very courteous to my pain needs and did everything they could to alleviate any pain. This is not some scam in an out place. They do take their time. They give you a shot then let you sit and watch tv for a little while to let it come on. So this is not exactly the fastest dentist you will go to if you have work needs. But they are absolutely thorough. They are gentle and caring. I recommend 100%. We all fear the dentist but this is a place that I don't feel judged, they care for my pain, and have a definite plan to get me on the right path.
May B
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I was SO incredibly nervous about having a root canal done because I always really struggle to stay numb during dental procedures. I am such a baby that I am more scared of tooth procedures than I am of actual surgery... I talked to the docs at Wicker Park Dental and they worked with me to make sure I was comfortable the entire time, and they really made sure I was at ease. I had less pain with this root canal than I've had in the past with even small cavities, and I'm so thankful that they listened to my concerns and helped get me taken care of! Everyone inside was incredibly nice, they checked on me constantly and adjusted any time I needed anything, and the office is clean and beautiful. Highly, highly recommend!