Pediatric Dentistry

Help you care for your child’s teeth and ensure they learn good oral hygiene habits from the start

Start healthy practices early with Pediatric Dentistry in Chicago, IL

Dental care begins as soon as the first tooth erupts and taking your child to the dentist will ensure they have a healthy, happy smile as an adult. Wicker Park Dental Group offers pediatric dentistry services to help you care for your child’s teeth and ensure they learn good oral hygiene habits from the start.

Routine Checkups

The best way to prevent issues with your child’s teeth is with routine cleanings and exams. Early dental visits will also help your child get used to the dentist and reduce anxiety, and our team will work to make it a fun, educational experience that they can look forward to. During each visit, our oral hygienists will remove plaque and tartar to prevent cavities and gum disease so you can avoid costly procedures in the future. We also use this time to educate your child on the best ways to care for their teeth, and we can show them spots that need more attention during the exam.

Preventative care is the most effective way to protect your oral health. As their adult teeth come in, we may recommend dental sealants to protect vulnerable areas on their teeth from developing cavities. Dental sealants are a cost-effective way to provide years of protection in hard to clean areas in the teeth.

Advanced Care

Tooth decay can cause serious issues with your oral health, even in baby teeth. If we find cavities, we can gently remove the decay and fill the cavity within a few minutes. For children with dental anxiety, we offer sedation services that are safe and effective to help them get the care they need as soon as possible.

As the baby teeth fall out and the adult teeth grow in, we will monitor for signs of dental crowding and bite alignment issues so we can address them while the jaw is still soft and malleable. Orthodontic treatment can prevent a variety of oral health issues and improve confidence in their smile. Contact our office in Chicago, IL, today at (773) 276-5566 to set up an appointment and learn more about how you can prioritize your child’s oral health.

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Ryan M
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I went in yesterday due to cavity pain on one of my molars, I was very scared due to Covid-19 and just going to the dentist in general but knew the pain was only going to get worse if I didn't take care of it soon. I ended up needing a temporary crown and will be back in 2 weeks for my permanent crown and some other work. From start to finish everyone in the office made me feel very relaxed, welcomed, and safe. They seem to be taking every precaution for Covid-19 and included a symptom questionnaire before the visit as well as a temperature check prior to being checked in for the appointment. Doctor wore a mask the whole time as well as directed me on when to take mine off and on for his safety. The office was very clean and without dental insurance they clearly laid out my payment options. I'm glad I chose their office during this time and look forward to getting my dental health on track.
Michael C
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Visited due to my dentist not being open after 2pm(???...) so had an emergency and called them up. They took me in within 30 minutes of calling and started the process for a root canal. Came the next day and got second of 3 phases done. One thing, they are open late. Second, the staff is extremely nice and helpful as well as understanding with insurance concerns. The Dr. and assistant were very courteous to my pain needs and did everything they could to alleviate any pain. This is not some scam in an out place. They do take their time. They give you a shot then let you sit and watch tv for a little while to let it come on. So this is not exactly the fastest dentist you will go to if you have work needs. But they are absolutely thorough. They are gentle and caring. I recommend 100%. We all fear the dentist but this is a place that I don't feel judged, they care for my pain, and have a definite plan to get me on the right path.
May B
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I was SO incredibly nervous about having a root canal done because I always really struggle to stay numb during dental procedures. I am such a baby that I am more scared of tooth procedures than I am of actual surgery... I talked to the docs at Wicker Park Dental and they worked with me to make sure I was comfortable the entire time, and they really made sure I was at ease. I had less pain with this root canal than I've had in the past with even small cavities, and I'm so thankful that they listened to my concerns and helped get me taken care of! Everyone inside was incredibly nice, they checked on me constantly and adjusted any time I needed anything, and the office is clean and beautiful. Highly, highly recommend!